Eco dome® is a new portable resort & first of its kind of domes in India which can be easily transported, assembled & dismantled very easily with simple nut & bolt arrangement to the concrete floor.


  • The cost for manufacturing & installing is very less.
  • It requires zero maintenance, eco-friendly and easy to carry.
  • No noise pollution around, so that people can easily meditate without any disturbances.
  • They can withstand the adverse weather conditions & can withstand hurricanes, Heavy rains & High temperatures as well.


These domes are provided with some 240 sft  living space area and can also be installed within a day or two which reduces the labour cost & time as well. The complete manufacturing of the Eco dome® will be done at our factory in A.Konduru Near Mylavaram, Andhra Pradesh India.

It is made up of FRP material which gives extra strength to the pods.  These Eco domes® are constructed with 25 number of triangle shaped portions made with F.R.P materials.

These Eco dome® are provided with 15 windows out of which 13 of them are closed and the remaining 2 windows are covered with Glass(these can be customised as per client requirement ) .  These triangle shaped windows will add beauty to the domes.

The interior of these dome was ideally furnished with all the necessary items (Electrical & Plumbing items). This can be modified as per the client requirement. Inside these Eco Domes® it will be insulated with a thick layer of thermocol sheets on top of which is covered with plywood sheets of 12mm thick which helps to reduce the direct fall of sunrays into the structure & heat inside the room.

Also these Eco Domes® are tested for water proof leakage after the final installation at the site. Such that during rainy season there will be no leakage of water into the Eco Domes®.

Each Individual piece is tightly fixed with nut & bolt and a thick layer of silicon gum is applied between Individual pieces to avoid & seal the gap.

It looks more attractive to the Nature lovers, so that they can enjoy the scenic beauty which helps in recreating their natural healing, which can be considered as an added advantage for our Eco dome®.

Technical Specifications:

  • Diameter : 17.5 Feet
  • Height : 9.5 Feet
  • Living area: 240 sft
  • Material of Construction: F.R.P

As per our standard we provide 50 SFT of area to the washroom & balance 190 SFT ample space suitable for 2-3 persons for living room , both the living room & bathroom  are separated by a wall.

Stage wise inspections will be done during the manufacturing process to avoid any ambiguity during the final inspection & installation stage. Eco domes®  are available in four different colours green, orange, blue and yellow & it can be modified as per the client requirement as well.

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